Hi, I'm Sarah

I make woven wall hangings that bring joy to your modern home. I love playing with color and including thoughtful details in my pieces. My weavings also feature tons of texture and a variety of materials, including bulky roving, silk ribbon, specialty yarns, and twine and cording.


What's this joy you speak of?

I'm talking about that rush of feeling you get when you see a piece of art with which you inexplicably connect. It makes your heart pound a little faster, your eyes widen, you have to step closer to get a better look. It makes you feel dreamy and inspired. It's a simple connection, yet too often we try to complicate it. We think we aren't an "art person," or that spending money on something non-functional is fickle. And to that I say (humbly, as someone who still learns this lesson over and over again), there's nothing fickle about pursuing joy.


my process

I create my pieces on wooden frame looms of various sizes. Weaving is an entirely meditative process for me and often I approach a piece with no design in mind, only a color palette selected. I love watching the piece emerge as I weave higher; it always turns out in a way that I never expected.